Technical Support

The following is a detailed list of the current support packages available for our products, which includes Basic Support, Standard Support, and Premium Support. If you have any questions regarding these packages feel free to contact us.

We provide standard technical support via email. We do our best to answer the messages quickly, so you can get your job done. Support is prioritized in favor of people who have purchased the premium support package and the product in question.

In order to receive the best service for technical support, please fill in the online support form. This will assign you an issue number, allowing your support requests to be tracked resulting in a faster response.

If you prefer, you can send us a direct email to our priority support mailbox.

Basic Support

Basic support is available for free to all users of free and trial versions of our products.

Basic support includes:

  • Unlimited email support covering licensing and installation of free and trial versions of our products.
  • Free, anytime access to our Technical Blog.

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Standard Support

Standard support is available for free to all registered users (buy license for RPA or RPA-C to become a registered users).

Standard support includes:

  • Access to all of the benefits included with Basic support.
  • Unlimited email support covering licensing, installation, and other issues related to our products.
  • Free minor version updates for our products downloadable from this website
  • Free fully functional sample applications included in installation package of each product demonstrating the use and power of the components.

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Premium Support

We provide premium commercial technical support via email and phone. All premium emails and calls are given priority over any standard support questions. Responses to Premium Support inquiries are guaranteed within one business day.

Premium support includes:

Premium support contract is valid for one full year from the purchased date for a single company contact per contract.

By default, your subscription to Premium support will automatically renew. You will be notified via e-mail when your term is about to renew. You may disable the auto-renewal at any time.

Price for single Premium support contract is $ 599.

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