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Embedding RPA Scripting Utility into third-party applications

29-Jul-2017, 21:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, scripting

Scripting utility can be embedded into third-party software using provided simple API.

After embedding the scripting utility, the third-party application may

  • Load and execute external RPA script
  • Execute RPA script from given string
  • Access objects within the scripting context, modify properties and obtain results

RPA Standard Edition v.2.3.2

07-Jul-2017, 08:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

  • Updated tabular properties for CH4(L).
  • Fixed issue in GUI, screen Thermal analysis: on Windows 10, the list of coolant is to small so that the components cannot be selected and edited.

Support for RPA Standard Edition v.1.x ended

06-Jul-2017, 17:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, news

After 7 years, support for RPA Standard Edition v.1.x ended on September 01, 2017. There will be no more updates or technical support for RPA SE v.1.x.

RPA Standard Edition v.2.3.1

22-May-2017, 09:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

  • Changed licensing model for Commercial and Academic licenses.
  • Changed functional limitations in trial version of the software.
  • Thermal analysis: improved model of heating and vaporization of liquid multi-component cooling film.
  • Thermal analysis: fixed issues in film cooling analysis

RPA Standard Edition v.2.3.0

09-May-2017, 08:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

  • Added support for thermal analysis in scripting utility.
  • Added configuration of injector pressure drop in staged combustion cycle.
  • Fixed issues in thermal and cycle analysis modules.

RPA Standard Edition v.1.2.9 and RPA Lite Edition v.1.2.9

12-Jan-2017, 11:17 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

Changes from branch v.2.x relevant to v.1.x have been back-ported to RPA SE v.1.2.9 and RPA LE v.1.2.9.

RPA Standard Edition v.2.2.8

03-Jun-2016, 12:28 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

RPA Standard Edition v.2.2.7

27-Jan-2016, 11:59 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

  • Parabolic nozzle design: improved estimation of initial angle
  • Parabolic nozzle design: improved estimation of nozzle length
  • Parabolic nozzle design: added configuration parameter to explicitly define nozzle length
  • TIC nozzle design: improved estimation of nozzle losses
  • Fixed issue in Database Editor: program crashed when tabular properties added after reset of the properties table.

Configuring and running rocket engine cycle analysis

27-Jun-2014, 09:24 GMT | Tags: RPA, cycle analysis

The goal of cycle analysis is to estimate operation parameters of the propellant feed system which meets required design parameters, such as:

  • Thrust chamber pressure
  • Propellant components mass flow rate
  • Propellant components mixture ratio

How to add new species into thermodynamic data library

24-Jun-2014, 11:24 GMT | Tags: RPA, thermodynamics

RPA delivers the comprehensive thermodynamic data library out of the box. This library is mainly based on NASA Glenn thermodynamic database and contains data for both reaction products and reactants (propellant components) such as liquid hydrogen, RP-1, RG-1, Synthine, liquid methane, liquid propane, monomethyl hydrazine (MMH), unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine (UDMH), liquid oxygen, nitrogen tetroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and many other.

Still, the user may want to define custom propellant components or even reaction products to solve some special cases.


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